FDA Article - 40%

Size, Shape, and Other Physical Attributes of Generic Tablets and Capsules
This article explains how physical characteristics, such as shape and size, can affect a person's ability to swallow tablets and capsules. It includes facts that 40% of adult Americans struggle to swallow pills. 

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Technical Report

Three Techniques Used in Teaching and Aiding Children in Swallowing Pills
This technical report addresses the advantages of teaching children how to swallow pills at a young age. Three techniques are compared: the use of instructional methods, change in head position, and the use of a pill swallowing cup. 

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Pill Swallowing Ability and Training in Children 6 to 11 Years of Age
A study conducted demonstrates that 84% of children between the ages of 6 to 11 effectively learned how to swallow pills with a simple set of instructions. With minimal modifications, 91% were able to successfully swallow pills by the end of the study. This indicates that children are fully capable and best taught how to swallow pills at a young age. 
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Benefits and Techniques for Learning How to Swallow Pills
This video presentation addresses the benefits of knowing how to swallow pills in comparison to liquid medication. It also analyzes how children learn to swallow pills. This includes instructional teaching methods, changes in head positioning, and using a pill swallowing cup as an aid.

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National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders Webinar 
The following video presentation discusses the importance of understanding pill dysphagia. Pill dysphagia is an under-recognized problem in which a person experiences difficulty swallowing pills. This problem may begin in early childhood and continue or worsen into adulthood.

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