40% of Adult Americans Struggle to Swallow Pills 

How did you learn to swallow pills?
Did you learn during a time of stress, when you were sick, or when the medication was needed?
Have you or your child ever had a negative experience with administering medication?
Are you tired of the hassle, cost, or taste associated with liquid medication?
How will you teach your child so that they don't risk being part of the 40%?
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What is Pill Skills?

Pill Skills is designed to teach people how to swallow pills. There are seven varying sizes and types of practice pills. The pills are grouped into progressive levels that help build confidence when learning this new skill.  

Pill Skills includes detailed instructions for using the practice pills, a progress log, and helpful hints. The instructions are meant to be followed exactly to ensure a positive experience throughout the process.

Practice Pills

There are seven different increasing sizes of pills. The pills are placebos with no active ingredients. This kit includes extra pills of each size for added practice. 

Pill Levels

There are seven different pill levels, each consisting of varying sizes of practice pills to help teach the user to swallow pills.

Progress Log

The progress log allows you to track your success and helps remind you of your next pill level. If you use a helpful hint, you can track that on the log too.


The instructions give you a step by step guide on how to use the practice pills to build a positive experience while learning this new skill.

People Come First

Send us a message or tag us on social media to share your story with us! 
  • Emma

    Emma, 7, was the first person to try our current prototype kit.
  • Emlyn

    Emlyn, 9, had the earliest version of our prototype kit. She provided us valuable feedback that helped us change the way we packaged the kit.
  • Micah & Timothy

    Micah, 14, and Timothy, 12, are brothers who both previously struggled to swallow pills. They are the first people to ever successfully complete the Pill Skills Beginner Kit and can now confidentially swallow pills.
  • Sarah

    Sarah, 14, previously struggled swallowing pills. Although she was not able to complete the Pill Skills Beginner Kit, she can't wait for our future tool designed for those with pill swallowing difficulties. 
  • Brady

    Brady, 6, is one of the youngest children to attempt and successfully complete the Pill Skills Beginner Kit.  
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