Pills or Levels

What are the practice pills made of?

The primary ingredient in the practice pills is dextrose made to pharmaceutical standards. Other ingredients used in the manufacture of the pills are non-active substances. The pills do not contain any of the top allergens including milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans. Additionally they are gluten free, gelatin free, vegan and do not include any form of red dye.

Can you attempt more than one level per day?

It is recommended to try only one level per day. The kit is designed to build on positive experiences. When more than one level is attempted per day, there is a greater risk of failure and a negative experience.

What should you do if you run out of practice pills?

First, take any extra pills of the same pill size from a previously completed level. If you run out of those, take the same pill size from a future level. If you have another child practicing with the kit, you could take extra pills from their previously completed levels. While we have provided extra pills for practicing, in the unfortunate event that you are still without the pill size you need, you can order more from our website.

How many practice pills are included in the Pill Skills Beginner Kit?

The kit has a total of 190 practice pills with each level/size combination having 10 pills. Note that the kit includes extra practice pills used to help build confidence, therefore not all pills will be consumed. 

Completing a Level or Practice Session

If you finish a level before the timer expires, should you move onto the next level?

It is recommended to attempt only one level per day. We want the child to end with success and avoid frustration if they weren’t to complete a level.

When does a practice session end?

A practice session ends in one of two ways. The first is if your child successfully completes the level. The other way a session ends is if the 10 minute timer expires prior to completion of the level.

In order to complete a level, do you need to finish all of the pills included?

No, in order to complete a level all that is needed is to swallow two pills in a row of each size for each given level. Any extra pills remaining are there for extra practice or if needed as a result of unsuccessful attempts.

Using the Product

How old should my child be to use this product?

The intended age for this product is children between the ages of 5-15 who have never tried to swallow pills. Anyone of any age can give this product a try. However, if you have had previous negative experiences you may have difficulty.  

Is a child too young to swallow pills at 5 years old?

A child is physically capable of swallowing pills once they reach 12 to 18 months of age. The size of the largest pill is smaller than the diameter of the throat, keeping the child from choking. Additionally, the practice pill is designed to dissolve after a short period of time.

Can more than one child work on the kit at the same time?

It is recommended to complete the kit individually. Siblings can cause distractions or overwhelm each other if one child is having more success.

What time of day is best to do the trial?

The time of day can vary by person. You should do the kit at a time when there are minimal distractions. It is not recommended to attempt the kit before school, as it is often a stressful time of day.

If I currently struggle swallowing pills can I still use this kit?

Yes. However, the kit is designed for children between 5-15 who have never learned how to swallow pills. Those that have previously tried and struggled may not be able to complete the kit, but can still experience significant success. We are also developing a tool designed specifically for the population that struggles.

What To Do If Struggling

Should my child use a new pill after a failed attempt?

It is typically recommended to start with a fresh pill if it feels like the previous one is dissolving. Otherwise, you can try again with the same pill.

What if my child does not complete a level?

It is okay if your child does not complete a level; it is all part of the process. However, if unsuccessful, they should repeat that same level the following day in the next practice session.

What do you do if you cannot reach level G of the Pill Skills Beginner Kit?

If level G cannot be reached, still recognize the success your child had and the progress made towards pill swallowing. Each level completed shows that you are improving and can swallow a variety of pill types. However, if extreme difficulties arise, consider consulting with a physician to see if there are any underlying medical conditions. 

What should I do if my child has failed multiple days in a row?

If your child is struggling to complete a level, make sure you are trying the helpful hints. We suggest trying a specific helpful hint multiple times in a row before deeming it unsuccessful. If they still cannot pass a level, keep trying, as the repetition can make it easier. Reverting back to a previously passed level also helps build your child's confidence in learning this new skill. Also, make sure you are practicing the kit everyday; avoid missing days. Remember, this kit may not work for everyone, so after 30 days consider reaching out to your pediatrician.


Can I just give the kit to my child to do alone?

We recommend that you do the kit with your child. This way you can help encourage them and give positive feedback while learning this new skill.

What should we do if we miss a day?

It is important to practice the kit everyday for maximum success. However, if you skip a day, you can just pick up where you left off at your next practice session. If you miss multiple days in a row, we suggest retrying the previous level, as success comes from repetition and built up confidence.

Do you have to drink water / another liquid when trying to swallow the pills, especially the smaller ones?

Yes. Your child should always drink when attempting to swallow the pills. The goal is to teach the child the process and to build confidence, which is why the kit starts with the smaller pills and works its way up to mimic real ones.
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